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IT staffing / IT outsourcing

The right person with ongoing support

We have been trusted by both small and large companies for almost 20 years

They do not only have to deal with finding labour, but also with organizing of work. Moreover, ensuring the good quality of the work should not be your concern. Our nearly 20 years of IT outsourcing experience and our well-established supply of specialists guarantee that by assessing their needs, we will find the right specialist (s) for you for the desired task.

We can help you with that

Infrastructure engineers

Project and program management

Financial analyst and controlling

Unified Communications - unlimited communication

What makes our specialists special?

They are highly trained, available at any time and can be deployed immediately

They have been involved in a number of global projects where we have been in daily communication with the sites, so flexible availability, night and weekend work is not a problem according to the needs of our clients

They adapt perfectly to changing conditions and new environments

They are used to working as a real team when needed

Above all, be prepared

ITIL knowledge

Python knowledge

SD-WAN migration

Wireless knowledge: Configuring Cisco WLCs and APs, troubleshooting, planning, documenting, site survey (predictive, physical)

Security knowledge: (Checkpoint) ACL, NAT configuration; site-to-site VPN configuration; remote access VPN configuration, DMVPN configuration

Use of internal communication systems

CCNP certified senior engineering capacity

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