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Experience with us engineering and organizational activities related to the construction, design and operation of IT infrastructure. To do this, you will also receive state-of-the-art technology tools and training support that you can improve!

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Project Support Engineer

Home office / Székesfehérvár

SAP Process Consultant

Home office / Veresegyház

F5 Modern App Solution Presales/Engineer

Home office / Budapest XIII.

Cisco Security System Engineer

Home office / Budapest XIII.

Avaya Voice Support Engineer

Home office / Budapest XIII.

Cloud Infrastructure Specialist

Home office / Székesfehérvár / Budapest

Network WAN Engineer/Architect

Home office / Budapest XIII.

Network Security Engineer

Home office / Budapest XIII.

Network Design Engineer

Home office / Budapest

IT System Administrator (LUXEMBOURG)


Work and develop with us!

We provide you with multinational work with small business flexibility. You can do your job in an outstanding professional environment and expect a competitive income. We are waiting for you in our team, if you work for our international clients, in addition to IT, you can also join our central team in marketing, finance and HR, even as a student!

Take a look at our open opportunities and contact us!

1 Mrd
Number of employees
5 years
The average time spent with us
trainings per year

HR team

Our HR team works every day to connect the outstanding workforce with the needs of companies, where mutually profitable and long-term cooperation can take place for both parties. We consider it important that you feel from the first moment of your application, you are not just one of the applicants or many of us, so we give priority to your application and you can expect continuous feedback.

Senior HR Manager

HR director

HR & Office Assistant


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Our culture, our values

We are constantly monitoring the latest trends and solutions in the ICT industry. The expertise of our employees is our greatest “value”, the quality of their work coincides with the services of MagiCom.

We believe that the owners and employees of the organization also have the right to a balanced life, to reconcile their own lives and those of their families in addition to work.

To the best of our ability, as individuals and organizations, we strive to be a useful member of our environment, to support socially important actions.

Awards and recognitions

In information technology, up-to-datedness is not enough, a real competitive advantage can be achieved if only the skills of employees and the organization focus on tomorrow, so we are already investing in shaping of these skills in an exemplary and conscious way.

In 2012, we were awarded the honorary title of “Family-Friendly Workplace” announced by the government. Among other things, we support our colleagues with flexible and home-based work. We organize several events every year where our colleagues can take part with their families, we usually get together almost 300 people on the family day.

2016 was an extremely important year for us; we won also the title of the Best Company in Hungary in the category of developing organizational and individual skills. Such companies were awarded by IIP Hungary and the British Chamber of Commerce in Hungary that set a good example to other players in the economy with remarkable organizational practices.

We have been an Investors in People accredited organization since 2007. With this, we can play as a role model for the operators of the Hungarian economy, as a company that is not satisfied with following of the trends, but also “does” them.

Career path

A career path based on real events with us

Education, training

  • Internal trainings
  • Career advice
  • Coaching
  • Webinars
  • Conferences
  • Internal – held by an expert – trainings
  • Nexpery
  • Using Internal – Online Interfaces

Training, development

During our time with us, we provide our colleagues with as many opportunities for personal development as possible. So, it is up to our staff to get the most out of the opportunity available to them.
The key to our success is the preparedness of our colleagues, the continuous development and expansion of their knowledge in order to successfully achieve their professional goals. The entire MagiCom team is committed to continuous improvement and learning, as this is the only way we can maintain and increase our success in the marketplace in a rapidly evolving and changing market and economic environment.

Main areas


We are happy to help our colleagues if they feel stuck in their daily work. Whether it’s the difficulty of reconciling work and private life, being unmotivated, a conflict with a co-worker / manager, or even a hurdle in professional development, our colleague with a Business Coach degree can help you to get over the difficult period.

Open communication

We believe that the basis of our daily work depends on proper internal communication, whether it is about everyday work processes or changes in other areas of the company. That is why we pay special attention to the continuous development and maintenance of communication channels within the company and to the continuous informing of our employees.

Career path / Career counselling

At regular intervals, we perform an analysis of the past performance of our colleagues, where our employees evaluate the attitude, performance and further progress of the colleague in a personal conversation. We mentor our staff from the day of entering that they find the imagined tasks successfully that match their personal skills.


As part of our performance appraisal system, we ask our colleagues every six months what courses and exams they would like to attend in the next period. If the needs can be combined with our corporate strategy, we will be happy to fund them. Professional trainings, language trainings or even “soft-skills” courses can be considered.

Would you like an internship near school?

In the professional internship programs of our company - or rather the MagiCom Family - you can gain knowledge and knowledge with which you can stand out from the crowd and easily find yourself in the ever-increasing competition in the labour market.

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What areas are we waiting for?






Project management



As an SME, we work with multinational clients, so you can uniquely gain extensive experience with us.

With our 19 years of experience, we feel obligated to pass on the accumulated knowledge to career starters and for those who are looking for internships.

During your internship, we pass on this knowledge, during which you can gain insight into the operation and thinking of our company, learn about our strategies and business thinking. So, you will be working on real tasks so you can gain real experience.

With this knowledge, you will surely sand your ground anywhere, which even WE can be, because if you are mutually satisfied, we will be waiting for you in our team after your internship, so your internship can even be the beginning of your career path.

However, that’s not all, of course you get paid for your practice too!

Who can apply?

Anyone who is looking for an internship or dissertation writing opportunity in addition to their high school, vocational high school or university studies. You also have the opportunity to find a practical position in our HR, Marketing, IT Operator, Hardware and Software Development teams.

What can you benefit from your internship at MagiCom?

  • We not only “train”, we also mentor
  • We pass on knowledge that you will be able to use elsewhere
  • You can learn from outstanding professionals in their profession
  • Gain extensive, up-to-date knowledge
  • We adjust working hours to schedule
  • We provide flexible working hours
  • We also provide work from home
  • We help you write your dissertation
  • We provide career opportunities, believe after internships
    you have a good chance to get a job with us
  • You will be a member of not just a team, but a small family
  • You will have more chances to look for a job, as in addition to your high school diploma or diploma, you will be able to show quite a serious internship and language skills.

Would you write your dissertation through a real example?

We help with that too! If you decide to examine and process the business structure of a real company in your dissertation, feel free to contact us. We provide all the material so that you can produce a successful dissertation, while you can see plenty of practical examples of what you have just learned so far.

How to join us?

As a first step, send your CV and motivation letter in Hungarian and English to

What should be included?

  • Previously current studies
  • Your language skills
  • Your professional knowledge (IT, HR, Marketing, etc.)
  • Your previous experience

Include in your motivation letter why you are applying to us and what your goal is with the practice.

If we like your application material, we invite you to an interview, the aim of which is that you and we can give each other a more complete picture of the goals, operation and expectations.

How many hours will you work?

It is a matter of discussion. If you can take 20 hours a week, that’s fine. If you can afford more, we’ll discuss how to share. We will always tailor your existence to your schedule.

MagiCruiter, MagiClient

Ha van olyan ismerősöd vagy barátod, akit alkalmas tartasz egy meghirdetett pozícióra, kösd össze velünk, és mi megjutalmazunk, ha valóban Ő a megfelelő ember. Csatlakozz Te is a MagiCruiter közösséghez és keress plusz pénzt!

A MagiCruiter közösség nagyon egyszerűen működik. Gondold végig, ki lehet alkalmas ismerőseid közül a pozícióinkra. Küldd el az ajánlott jelölt CV-jét a e-mail címre, és a CV mellett adj egy rövid indoklást, miért javaslod a jelölt felvételét.

Outsourcing, fejvadászat

Partnereinkkel a hosszú távú outsourcing szerződéseink mellett projekt munkák elvégzésében is együttműködünk, legyen szó magyarországi lokációról, vagy EU-s helyszínről. Outsourcing tevékenységünk mellett munkaerő-kölcsönzési és fejvadász feladatokat is ellátunk. Szakembereinket folyamatosan képezzük, hogy a legmodernebb technológiai hátteret és a műszakilag elérhető legjobb megoldást nyújthassuk ügyfeleink számára. Stabil pénzügyi hátterünk lehetőséget biztosít ügyfeleink kívánságainak gyors és rugalmas teljesítésére.


Számos szakmai szervezet aktív tagjaként tevékenykedünk, és rendszeresen támogatunk rászoruló intézményeket, egyesületeket. Önkéntes munkáinkhoz, szervezett gyűjtési programjainkhoz kollégáink is nagy örömmel csatlakoznak

IT infrastruktúrát építünk, üzemeltetünk, és tervezünk


Izgalmas rendezvényeket szervezünk


és mindeközben egy csapatot építünk